Naracoorte Pistol Club Disciplines

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PA Matches (Pistol Australia)

The PA (Pistol Australia) Matches include Service Pistol, Service Pistol Unrestricted, Service Pistol 25y, 25m Black Powder and 50m Black Powder.

ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation)

The International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) is the governing body of the Olympic Shooting events in Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun disciplines, and of several non-Olympic Shooting sport events. ISSF’s activities include regulation of the sport, Olympic qualifications and organization of international competitions such as the ISSF World Cup Series, the ISSF World Cup Finals and the ISSF World Championship each other at a 25m distance from the shooter. When the targets appear, the competitor must raise his/her arm from a 45 degree angle and fire his/her five shots. If a shot is too late, it will score as a miss.

Pistol & Rifle Matches