Fundraising Events
Hosted Events

Naracoorte Pistol Club hosts events for local businesses or family events, like Christmas functions where people can “Have A Go” at pistol shooting.

All events are done under the strictest guidance of club members who volunteer their time, ammunition and handguns in order to make these fundraising events even possible.

Pricing of these events are worked out based on your function, people and requests with a starting price at just $25.00 per head.

So why not give some consideration this as an event for your business. Give your minions a FUN and SAFE way to enjoy the day.

Click Here to organise your next fundraiser with us!

*Please note: Absolutely “NO” alcohol is to be consumed before or whilst the firing range is live.

Raffle Tickets

Throughout the year, we host our local “Wood Raffle” to help raise funds for the club.

While the tickets are currently only sold by members who suffer the gruelling weather conditions, flies and people who like to walk into inanimate objects, sitting cramped on the edge of a small sidewalk, tucked in between 2 shops, the ticket sales give the clubs funding a little boost.

So, if you’re walking down the street of Naracoorte and you see people huddled around a small card table with a block of wood and a sign sitting on it, stop, have a chat, buy them a coffee or a snack, or buy a ticket.

In the Near Future … Online Raffles and competitions for all those who don’t live in our little township but wish to help out.

(Foot Note: A big thank you to all those who have already bought coffee, drinks and treats to those poor suffering members who donate their time to sell the tickets…  you guys are true legends!)

The "Virtual Pathway"

Buy A Virtual Paver 

You can help to support the club by purchasing a “Virtual Paver” so that we can pave our way to a bigger and more up to date club as well as providing funding for training, new equipment and range upgrades.

Our aim is to be able to open interstate competitions and open events, bringing a little extra tourism to our little town.

Every “Virtual Paver” sold is a small step towards reaching our goals.

This is open to everyone, anywhere in the world. Buy as a gift, memorial or just out of the kindness of you heart.

The pavers cost $25.00 each and will have you name, state/province and country embedded into the “Virtual Paver”, and it will be added the “*Virtual Pathway” below. Please allow up to 72 hours for your paver to created and placed.

Simply click on “Buy **** Virtual Paver” button and a window will open where you can make your colour choice and enter your details and make your payment.

Payments are by either PayPal or Direct Bank deposit (International Banking Codes are provided for those not in Australia).

(*Pavers are laid as they are purchased, no preference is given to position in the Virtual Pathway.)

Colour Selection
The "Virtual Pathway"

Show the world how AWESOME you are by sharing your “Virtual Paver” via selected social media buttons attached to your paver, by simply running the mouse over your paver or by using the share link displayed in the top left corner if using a mobile device.