Established In 1960, Naracoorte Pistol Club Inc has been active for over 60 years and affiliated with SARPA (South Australian Revolver & Pistol Association).

Family Orientated and a great bunch of people from all walks of life with Women & Junior Members .

Matches to suit just about everyone That include:

  1. ISSF Matches
  2. Pistol Australia Matches
  3. Rifle Matches

Naracoorte Pistol Club Inc is more than “Just A Club”, it is an extension to your family, with like minded people!  

We Also host “Come & Try Days” for those who would like to know more or to have a go at a shooting sport.

Local Supporters

These links below are to show our thanks to the local supporters! 

Those wonderful people who offer reduced prices or services as a way of contribution to the running of the clubs ongoing maintenance and improvements.

An easy way for you to be able to help us out and score 10% discount with the Naracoorte Hotel : 

Download the PASS app here >  Google Play or App Store . In the app simply just use the code NPC10 to get your 10% discount on purchases at Naracoorte Hotel.

Why Join Us?

Active Members


Family Friendly

Naracoorte Pistol Club actively  supports and encourages Women & Junior Shooters.


With over 60 years of being an active club and vast wealth of local knowledge from our members, there is always someone to help out when needed.


With Pistol & Rifle matches available, there is something to suit just about everyone!


You're invited!

Thats right!

If you wish to come and try to see if you like our sport or just to simply watch how things are done, you are more than welcome too.

You will find that one of our friendly members will take you under their wing and show you the ropes on safety, safe handling of the firearms, loading methods and range rules and teach you “How to shoot”.

Although it is recommended that you contact us prior to your arrival (this helps us to make sure we have everything ready for your visit), walk-ins are also welcomed on shoot days, but please introduce yourself at the clubrooms.





“FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY … DO NOT wander around the range unattended”


Due to Firearms Regulations Act, we cannot offer this to people who are:

  1. Suffering from a physical or mental illness, condition or disorder, that affect their ability to control their actions or operate a firearm in a safe manner.
  2. There is a threat to the person’s safety or the safety of another person.
  3. There is a risk associated with the person’s possession or use of a firearm.
  4. Suspended from holding a firearms licence, the holder of a cancelled licence, prohibited from possessing a firearm by an order of a court or firearms prohibition order.
  5. Incapable of exercising effective control of a firearm due to being intoxicated by drink or drugs.


Please feel free to contact us and we will respond ASAP alternatively you can reach us through our Facebook Page

Important Information:

Please Note:

NO firearms, ammunition or cash are kept or stored on the premises at any given time! 

Club Committee:
  • President – Charlie Boddington
  • Secretary – John Mikutta
  • Treasurer – Julian Murray
  • Vice Secretary/Vice Treasurer – Gus Grist
  • Patron – Reg Pallant
  • Fundraising –  Charlie Boddington, Tom Randal & Tom Bull

(*current as from AGM 2023)